Project Overview

5dVR is an agency sponsored by (5th Dimension – 5d Agency) the parent company, it is the first agency to produce VR/AR (Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality) in Egypt.
An Egyptian startup that pioneering the creation of highly engaging VR/AR experiences that aim to provide the Region with exciting immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement so that people could feel the depth and benefits of this technology. The platforms and creative content they provide deliver total immersion and an unforgettable experience.
5dVR is a virtual reality content and production studio. Their name, the Fifth Dimension, comes from their belief that VR is such a disruptive technology and that is in fact a new dimension for human experience.
5dVR joined GITEX Dubai 2016; it was their launching. After that, they became the pioneer agency in Egypt in VR/AR industry.
5dVR has strong partnerships that help them expanding their technology access, knowledge and skill set. They’re currently partners with: Infinitus PRIME, Violla Communication UAE, ACE 3D Ukraine, Austella, Lincoln University, The American University in Cairo, Surrey University, CULTNAT and Cairo University.


5dVR aims to: 
– develop AR solutions
– Make total market for AR/VR in all its flavors projected to be $150b in less than five years. It heralds a massive new frontier that will affect all industries, creating new business models and revenue streams through that new technology.

5dVR process their solutions through:
Creative, 3D Imagination & hardware and software.

– Produce a truly compelling VR experience that will delight customers and stakeholders and ensure the return on investment they desire.
– Provide clients with a customized VR/AR experience for their brands while providing an enjoyable experience to the audience.



Web Development


– To deliver the concept of (Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality) and how it can be useful in all fields of business and entertainment through the theme and concept we created to be published on the Website and Social Media.

– To fulfill all our tasks in a very limited time, about two weeks only.

– We at Pimula had to delve deeper into this technology to give our best.

– To provide integrated and high quality work that fits to be presented in Dubai Market and join GITEX Dubai 2016.


– We created powerful content and designed the theme of 5dVR in a way that delivered the concept of (Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality) and how it can be useful in all fields of business and entertainment.

– We studied the strategies of 5dVR and the process they follow and went deep in this technology, its types, uses and benefits and studied the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video and Mixed Reality through strong research strategies. 

– We took over the website development task. We designed the 5dVR website that contains :

  • “Home” tab that is a brief about whole the site and contains a video of some 5dVR’s works.
  • “Achievements” tab that contains: “Partnership” that mentions 5dVR’s partners and sponsors mentioned above and “projects” that mentions 5dVR’s clients and projects. 
  • “About” tab, that contains a definition of Virtual Reality (VR) and its categories and 5dVR’s progress and goals. 
  • “Useful” tab that mentions the target of the AR/VR market and what 5dVR deliver on useful cases that give the biggest return on investment including (Entertainment, Education, Marketing). 
  • “How” tab that contains how 5dVR deliver their services and an explanation of how 5dVR team can collaborate with their clients and provide them with high quality services.
  • “Testimonials” tab that mentions some of clients’ feedbacks, which show how 5dVR team are creative in that industry.
  • Finally, “Contact us” tab to get in touch with 5dVR Agency.



– The distinct web development we operated gave 5dVR the power to make a very good presentation of a high-quality content and experience in GITEX Dubai 2016, as a result they had been selected as one of the projects provide the market of technology with most useful and creative services.

– Through our work in web development for 5dVR, we helped them deliver VR experiences around the globe and their clients now include:
Hardees, Visa, Dodge, WWF UK, Egypt Pavilion in World Expo 2015, MAF (City Centre UAE), Viola communication UAE, Admir Lebanon, Make Real UK, Philip Moris, Juhayna, Laguna Bay, Cheetos, Mirinda, and Greenland.

Next Step

5dVR will be present at Social Media Day Egypt that will take place this July.