Motion Camp

Project Overview

Motion Camp is the first specialized school to teach all secrets and techniques of motion graphic industry that enthusiastically push the boundaries of the industry forward through an 8-week program designed specifically for those who are passionate about learning creative motion graphic ideas from all alumni, fresh-graduates and graphic designers.
Motion Camp started its rounds in Alexandria then in Cairo. Almost 180 well-skilled individuals, qualified to work as professional motion graphic designers had graduated from Motion Camp until now, most of them were hired in big companies.
Motion Camp was one of the strong startups that participated in RiseUp Summit.


Motion Camp aims to graduate its students qualified with the skills they’ll need in the market and try to fill this gap. So the students are taught illustration, direction and soft skills by specialized instructors and experts in the camp.

Motion Camp aims to educate future generations of artists, designers, and creative professionals and share its passion with thousands of animation lovers.

Main Goals

  • To teach all secrets and techniques of motion graphic industry.
  • To make Campers professional animator in just 8-weeks.
  • To share knowledge, tutorials, tips & tricks with Campers through Motion Camp Club.
  • To help campers discover the WHY, then teach them the HOW.
  • To provide Campers with job opportunities, shared experiences through Motion Camp Club.



Social Media Community



Web Development


As a new brand starts launching educational classes competing with other old and well-known brands, it was very hard to reach its target number.

Just like every startup, Motion Camp was struggling to reach its audience, on other hand, Egyptians tend to check out online courses or even travel long distances to find the best instructors possible to learn the secrets of motion graphics & 2D animation, but it never occurred to them to join a camp that teaches them.


2- We managed to help Motion Camp achieve its goal and grow its market share by combining several digital marketing strategies across different platforms; we launched their advertising campaigns on Facebook and raised the conversion of leads by 600% in a very limited time.

4- We made it clear in our social media Buying/Ads that the Camp is full of practical lessons, trial, error, and exciting new stuff and that’s why it’s different from any other courses.

6- We helped Motion Camp design and provide the campers with the necessary stationery such as notebooks, folders, t-shirts, etc…

1- We launched several campaigns by creating events for each seminar in order to promote each round, encourage people to join them and explain the camp’s program & its benefits.

3- We took over Social Media Community Management task; we handled all the updates about the Motion Camp in the social media platforms through posts that build a good relationship between the customer and the brand.

The Content includes:

  • Posts about Motion Camp’s work to enhance and improve Motion Camp’s brand image.
  • Posts about the graduates’ work after finishing the course to encourage the audience to join the camp, give high brand awareness and make Motion Camp the 1st brand to come to the customers’ minds if they want to learn motion graphics.
  • The importance of Motion Camp Club.

We also respond to the posts and messages of the customers and activate Campaign hashtags.


5- After the creation of the brand (logo & theme) by the great designer Tarek Alzeeny, we worked on the web development of Motion Camp; we designed a colorful and cheery website that’s full of creative designs containing:

  • The “Home” tab that contains a brief about Motion Camp, another tab to join Motion Camp Club and some of most creative videos about Motion Camp rounds designed by the Campers.
  • Why Motion Camp” tab that contains the Camp’s principles.
  • Portfolio” tab that contains some of Motion Camp’s latest art works designed by the campers.
  • Outline” tab that contains the headlines of the camp content (Creative Writing and Storytelling, Direction Basics, Storyboarding and cinematography, Build up workflow and Creating Mood board, Visual Communication, Principles of Animation, Animating Functionality, Cut out animation & Pose to post method, Achieving Client Objectives, Marketing Yourself, Portfolio Building, Freelance 101)
  •  “Process & Privileges” tab that contains:

– Camp processes such as teaching the secrets of Motion Graphics, Individual tasks, Teamwork tasks, Weekly Recaps & Video.

– Motion Camp Core: the three important areas (Technical, Artistic, Professional) skills that Motion Camp focuses on.
A brief about Motion Camp Club, the community of artists where they share their experiences and opportunities together. It’s the meaning of “Finishing Motion Camp is not the end. It’s only the beginning!”
– The benefits that campers who successfully finish 8-week Motion Graphics learning camp will gain.

  •  “Graduates’ Board” tab that contains the names and contacts of campers who graduated the camp and understand the professional, technical, and artistic aspects of Motion Graphics As a way of appreciating their efforts.
  • “Contact Us” tab
  • “Register Now” tab
  • Campers who successfully finish the 8-week Motion Graphics learning course and present their graduation project are automatically featured on the website.



–  In about 2 years from starting Motion Camp journey, Motion Camp has launched more than 12 rounds in Alexandria and Cairo.

–  Motion Camp has good and important reviews on social media that explain how Motion Camp was useful to all campers and that it put them in the correct way to improve their ideas and creativity. Here is some of that reviews:

“No enough words to describe Motion Camp the way they benefit all campers.Thank you for being keen to teach every piece of motion art the simplest and full way.Thank you for your continuous support even after end of the camp. Keep forward, spread motions and animate the world.”

“motion camp, i love that place where starting to animate my illustrations, watching them a live is the most powerful & interesting thing i ever live in my whole life. ehab mostafa, the most powerful person i ever meet before , after that we start a sweet friendship between illustrator & animator..”

–  Almost 180 well-skilled individuals, qualified to work as  professional motion graphic designers had graduated from Motion Camp until now, most of them were hired for good jobs.

Next Step

We will continue to support Motion Camp to achieve its goals and educate all those who are fond of motion graphics the secrets and techniques of the Motion graphic industry. We will also continue spreading Motion Camp all over Egypt and other targeted places.