Start Hub

Project Overview

Start Hub is a startup powered by M3MAL that has strong partners & sponsors like Bibliotheca Alexandria, Youth for Change & Hivos, etc.. Start Hub aims to become an educational entity that guides the youth who need business support in the entrepreneurship world through sessions, workshops, events, seminars and lectures on various business aspects designed to provide knowledge to develop entrepreneurship and add value to the business community in Alexandria.
Start Hub’s program is divided into 4 tracks:
1- Youth Empowerment, focused on young adults with entrepreneurial ideas.
2- Women Empowerment, focused on females with a desire for knowledge of business planning.
3- Creative Hub, focused on business planning for artistic ventures (digital or otherwise).
4- Tech Hub, focused on the business aspect of all things ICT.


–  To help new ideas to develop into business plans with our support and knowledge.
– Connecting members of the program working on those ideas, to those who can help them grow.

– Fill the gap between the market needs and the lack of knowledge concerning launching businesses.
– To reach 5000 Alexandrian individuals by the end of the next 2 years.



Web Development


Social Media Community





–  To raise awareness about starting up and change audience’s perception & idea about starting up.

– To achieve the largest number of audience to attend Start Hub opening event and make sure that people will benefit from the event and get them to register to attend the workshops supported by Start Hub.

–  To deliver the concept of ecosystem in Alexandria business market that’s almost nonexistent in this market before.

– To position Start Hub as an educational entity that aims to add value to the business community by filling the gap between the market needs and the lack of knowledge concerning starting up.


– We took over the website development task. We designed the Start Hub website that contained a “Registration Application” tab for the purpose of registration to attend the opening event, “Tracks” tab that contains Start Hub four tracks and their details, “Calendar” tab that contains Start Hub agenda, “Mentors” tab that contains information about the mentors, their experience and how they will benefit young people and the “Partners” tab that contains Start Hub strong partners and sponsors. There is also a blog allocated to update the site with all developments as well as social media. After the opening event, the registration application became an application allocated to register for workshops provided by Start Hub.

– We encouraged people to attend the opening event by posting updates about the event agenda, speakers & partners’ info.
– We raised awareness of the advantages of entrepreneurship & tracks details, briefly to clarify the objectives of Start Hub.

– We provided the opening event with necessary stationery such as banners, flyers, notebooks, folders, t-shirts, etc..

– We branded Start Hub in a way that delivered the concept of Start Hub, changed people’s idea about starting up and made them plan to start developing their ideas into projects.
– We designed Start Hub logo in a way that reflects the idea of the hub & gathering through its shape that symbolizes three gathered persons moving and rising up continually. It also expresses starting up through its shape like an arrowhead, which says “start” calling youth to begin and start their own business, besides, its 3 energetic colors (yellow, orange & green), that reflects spirit of youth and optimism.
– We also designed the Start Hub social media theme and website theme in the same manner.

– We talked to more than 12 influencer speakers around Egypt like, Zeyad Ali & Omar El-Shenety and convinced them to attend the event & talk about their journey in the entrepreneurship world including their success stories, experience and the challenges they have faced in their journey that may confront youth in their way to start a business.

– We took over the coverage of the whole event day through live feed from the event in all social media platforms.
– We were interested to give a brief about Start Hub processes through a year from the event.



– The event was attended by a number of VIP guests.
– A lot of people have registered to attend Start Hub workshops.

– We managed to attract a great number of audience to attend the event, almost about 500 out of 800 person who had received the invitation.

Next Step

We plan to help Start Hub to reach out more Alexandrians and even youth outside Alexandria in the future.