SMDAY 2017: watch out for us


Nowadays, there’s no denying the huge impact of social media on all types of business as a major marketing channel.
Social Media Day is the annual international celebration that brings together brands, agencies and companies and helps them develop their online strategies through powerful talks, industry latest figures, hacks workshops, social media case studies, exclusive panels and roundtables.

And we at Pimula are very eager to be there and showcase our work and latest achievements!

Why is this a big deal?

Because Social Media Day is the biggest gathering for all social media professionals in Egypt with 3000+ participants, 40+ companies and 120+ speakers expected to attend, it’s inevitable you’ll connect with various personas throughout the 3-day event whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or freelancer!

We couldn’t be more excited to be there as a part of the event and we can’t wait to meet you there!

  • Nader Tolba

    السلام عليكم انا د/نادرمن الاسكندرية عمرى 39 سنة كل خبرتى فى شغل الصيدليات فقط و المهنة دى محدش مرتبه بيزيد لمواكبة الغلاء فكرت اتعلم حاجة فى البرمجة عشان اشتغل بيها لأنى متزوج وعندى طفلين و محتاج مرتب كبير خصوصا انى اخذت فكرة عن لغات البرمجة فى مجال web development عايز اعرف ايه كل الحاجات اللى ممكن ادرسها عشان اقدر الاقى وظيفة بمرتب كويس وهل مجال التطوير احسن ولا فى مجال احسن و اسهل خصوصا ان عمرى كبير و خايف اضيع وقت فى مشوار ليس له فرص عمل سهلة و جزاكى الله خيرا لو رديتى عليا