The Cooperation between Pimula & Karakeeb

Karakeeb is a group of crazy engineers, passionate about technology. Karakeeb’s Team loves to play with electronics, and create things from trash.They are working on robots, planes, multi-rotors, ROVs, and preparing for new workshops.


Their target is to spread the culture of technology and share knowledge, among people, especially who come from a non-engineering background, which will help these people to improve their life style by using that culture in solving obstacles or open a new chance for innovation.

Our Goals for the next 5 years is the following:

– A fully equipped, self-sustained hacker-space that includes a lab, a crash zone and a creative zone.
– A steadily produced weekly episode (on YouTube) that include (Product reviews, Tech hacks, Tech tips, Weekend projects).
– A Hackathon will be held every three months.
– A minimum of one workshop/month at various venues.
– A store where you can buy funny/useful kits for projects or to try something new during your weekend.

What is Karakeeb Makerspace?

This is a place where you can find equipment that will help you make your own prototype or put your project on ground. You will also have the chance to learn and share knowledge supported by experts.


1- Workshops
2- New projects
3- New inventions
4- Review Kits
5- Hardware consultation

Why Karakeeb?

– First MakerSpace in Egypt
– No limitation for knowledge
– A place that serves all ages
– Dealing with experts
– Make yourself at home : your key of success